We offer Destination Wedding DJ Paros Entertainment Services.
Our Destination Wedding DJ Team travels all over Greece.
Members of our DJ team are located at Paros Island from start of May till end of September.

In any package you choose we offer Song requests during the event
and you can bring us also a playlist or your favorite songs with usb. In all the packages you can add entertainment services such as Ground and Aerial Fireworks,musicians
and many more ! 
Our company has all the legal documents to operate in Greece. Greek vat 24% is added extra. Sound and Lights can only be operated from DJ and technician. Deposit has to be 50% of the package you choose to lock the date.

Video from previous wedding


Paros is a stunning Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. It’s a popular destination for weddings due to its natural beauty and picturesque settings. A wedding in Paros can be a dream that comes true for couples who want to celebrate their special day in a stunning location. One of the best ways to make a wedding in Paros unforgettable is to include DJ lights and fireworks in the reception of your wedding.

DJ lights can add a magical touch to any wedding celebration. They can transform a simple space into a magical wonderland. Professional lighting can create an atmosphere that is both romantic and exciting. With the help of a professional DJ, couples can create a playlist of their favorite songs that will keep their guests dancing all night long. A good DJ can read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Adding fireworks to a wedding in Paros can make the celebration truly spectacular. Fireworks can be a great way to add excitement to the wedding guests. They can light up the sky with vibrant colors and create a sense of magic and wonder. Aerial fireworks are a perfect way to end the night on a high note and leave a lasting impression on guests. On the other side with 4 to 8 Ground Fireworks you will have the best pictures for your entrance and/or first dance.

When planning a wedding in Paros with DJ lights and fireworks, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who know how to create an unforgettable experience. Couples should choose a DJ and fireworks company with a solid reputation and a portfolio of successful weddings and positive reviews. They should also discuss the logistics and safety concerns with the vendors to ensure a smooth and safe celebration. As a company all safety measures are guaranteed.

In conclusion, a wedding in Paros with DJ lights and fireworks can be a truly magical experience. It’s a great way to add some excitement and romance to the celebration and create unforgettable memories. With the help of experienced professionals, couples can create a wedding that is as beautiful as the island of Paros itself.

– Full Sound Equipment with wireless microphone (10-80 people)
– Specialized DJ for 4 hours
– Ηigh tech Pioneer Decks that can mix up to 4 songs at the
same time
– 4 Special Lights for Dancefloor and Gazebo
(par lights,uplightning,moving heads)
– Fog Machine (Special Effect)
– Ceremony&Reception Entrance,First dance songs of your choice.
We implement songs you bring us via usb and your playlists. Guests can
requests Songs during the event.
– Charging Point for Guests electronic devices
– Tax invoice is provided plus GR VAT 24%. All legal papers provided.

– Including all the services of GOLD Package
– Full Sound Equipment with our top quality loudspeakers (set up can cover
till 100 people)
– 2 wireless Microphones for announcements & singing from guests
– Specialized DJ for 6 hours
– 2 extra par lights and 2 big moving robotic heads for dancefloor

– Small LOVE sign with Lights
Light Expert who will cooperate with interior designer and mechanical engineer to set up the Lights.

– Including all the services of GOLD and VIP Package

– Full Sound Equipment with our top quality loudspeakers (set up can cover
till 120 people)
– 2 DJ’s for 8 hours with Deck leader DJ Kos with over 16 years experience

– 2 extra big Moving Robotic Heads and 2 Par Lights for Dance Floor

– Big smoke machine



– Including all the services of GOLD,VIP and Platinum Package (set up can cover till 120 people)

– 2 DJ’s for all the hours of the event with Deck leader and percussionist DJ Kos with over 16 years experience who can play without limitation all the hours of the event. Drums and Piano Sounds mixed with DJ music and various Club Sound Effects.

 – Microphone coordination and announcements

– 2 extra big Moving Robotic Heads and 2 Par Lights for Dance Floor with Disco Light

– Big smoke machine and dry ice effect

– 100m Fairy Lights Decoration set up is chosen by you. We cover walls, windows with 5 Fairy Lights Curtains and 50m Hanging Fairy Lights above the Dancefloor


Extra Services (can be added in all the above Packages Greek vat 24% is added extra):
– 2 Ceremony microphones with speaker (if ceremony is before the time you have booked DJ)

– Bluetooth speaker with battery that can be used from you or your guests before dj performance
– 4 Ground Fireworks 1 minute 4 meters
– 6 Ground Fireworks 1 minute 4 meters
– 30 big sparklers 40 cm
– Projector for Pictures and videos

– Dry ice effect first dance
– Smoke machine (first dance or party)
– Gazebo fairy lights
– 3 Fairy Lights Curtains
– 6 Curtain Fairy Lights in Walls and Windows
– 50 m dancefloor aerial fairy lights
– 100 m dancefloor aerial fairy lights
– Gazebo Uplighting
– Keyboard Piano for Guests to play
– mini LOVE
– mini MR&MRS
– String Lights 60 meters :
– Duo male and female singer with piano

– 20 silent disco party headphones with 2 transmitters so your guests listen to two different types of music at the same time and can change with a button placed on headphones. They can replace speakers in events where you do not want noise or play together with speakers

We offer 4 options for Aerial Fireworks :
Rain of colorful stars that illuminate simultaneously for a long time, colour full tails silver crowns and willows, a visual effect that explodes creating shine and brighten the sky. The height of fireworks ranging from 10 to 25 meters and the
total show duration varies :
– 50 shots around 30-40 seconds
– 100 shots around 50-60 seconds
– 200 shots around 1 to 2 minutes
– 300 shots around 2 to 3 minutes

– 4 Pool Ground Fireworks
– 8 Pool Ground Fireworks
Sparklers 22cm :
Free gift from us upon request if booked together with ground or aerial fireworks !

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