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Our Manager will be in contact with you from the very first time while sending you tailor made packages designed by your needs and wants. He will guide you through the whole process and will help you to choose the right entertainment services. We ensure that our team will work for the wedding day of your Dreams !

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DJ Kos

Kostantinos Mavis also known as DJ Kos has more than 15 years in decks in Mykonos Clubs and Destination Weddings. He is a member of Billionaire Club Mykonos Concierge He has played in more than 500 Destination Weddings in Athens,Santorini,Paros,Mykonos,Crete and many more places all over Greece ! Our manager will design your tailor made package for the entertainment of your wedding or will help you choose from the 3 pre-designed packages of DJ Greece specially designed for the Entertainment of your Destination Wedding in Greece!

It is very important for our team that you will be satisfied with the communication you will get all the months and years before the wedding. We reply to your emails asap in the same day and are always there to assist you ! We can host an online meeting with the manager and the DJ who will play at your event. At the wedding day we promise that all the services you have booked will be delivered with top-notch equipment and on the agreed time ! I will be more than happy to meet you online and to speak with you even if you have not yet chosen to book with our Team.

DJ Greece Team

Our Technicians and Lighting Specialists will set up our top-notch equipment. Our Team has many years of experience in Destination Weddings in Santorini and Athens. We offer our services all over Greece. High Quality Soundsystems and Dancefloor Lighting will be set up many hours before the event will start. Fairy Lights Decoration is designed by our Lighting Manager who will communicate with you about your special request.

Do you plan you wedding in Greece for the next years ? What do you think of adding entertainment services such as Dj and Lighting ?

We offer top notch sound speakers in all our packages. You can add musicians services such as saxophone, guitar and violin player. Furthermore special effects such as Ground and Aerial Fireworks.

Greece is a beautiful country with many magical islands. Our ancient history is developing through the years. These are some of the reasons many couples from many different countries of the world such as UK, US, India, China, Australia and many more countries plan their Destination Wedding in Greece ! The most famous destinations are Santorini, Paros and Mykonos! Crete, Rhodes and Zakynthos are also very beautiful places.

Our Packages

5 Star-Rated

- Full Sound Equipment with wireless microphone (10-80 people)
- Specialized DJ for 4 hours with price of extra hour +90 euros
- Ηigh tech Pioneer Decks that can mix up to 4 songs
- 10 Special Lights for Dancefloor
(par lights,uplightning,moving heads)
- Elegant DJ Booth creating supernatural effects along with the Lights
- Fog Machine (Special Effect)
- Ceremony&Reception Entrance,First dance songs of your choice.
We implement songs you bring us via usb and your playlists. Guests can
request Songs during the event.
- Small LOVE sign with Lights
- Charging Point for Guests
- Tax invoice is provided incl. GR VAT 24%. All legal papers provided.


- Including all the services of 5 STAR-RATED Package
- Full Sound Equipment with our top quality loudspeakers (set up can cover
till 250 people)
- 2 wireless Microphones for announcements & singing from guests
- Specialized DJ for 6 hours with price of extra hour +90
- 6 extra par lights and 2 moving robotic heads for dancefloor
- Floating Pool Balls and Garden Lightning
- Gazebo Fairy Lights and 50m Dancefloor Fairy Lights


- Including all the services of 5 STAR Rated and VIP Package
- 2 DJ's for all the hours of the event with Deck leader and percussionist DJ
Kos with over 15 years experience who can play without limitation all the
hours of the event. Drums and Piano Sounds mixed with DJ music and
various Club Sound Effects.
- Microphone coordination and announcements
- 4 extra big Moving Robotic Heads and 4 Par Lights for Dance Floor with
- Big smoke machine and dry ice effect
- 100m Fairy Lights Decoration set up is chosen by you. We cover all
walls,windows and the Gazebo with Fairy Lights Curtains and Hanging
Fairy Lights above the Dancefloor

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